Friday, 14 October 2011

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

My planned route to Siem Reap went down the pan with the floods because all the Mekong boats were confined to the dock as the river was too high & too fast. So yet again I'm having to make another dull 6 hour bus trip.

Once again I just asked at my guest house & they got me a $10 bus ticket which included a transfer to the central bus station for a 10.00 departure. Bus destination were in Khmer & English. It was a decent bus with good air con & was pretty full. We stopped at 12.00 for rest & refreshment, plenty of locals had sit down meals in the open-sided cafe but only the tourists bought the huge roast spiders & fried bugs.

Simple wood & thatch houses, those near the river often on stilts, lined most of the road to Siem Reap; there were hundreds of cows thethered & grazing beside of the road. The countryside was beautiful with rice paddies, coconut palms & large lotus ponds but the flooding river was causing havoc in some places.

The bus had to cross the Mekong by ferry so at least I've managed to get a 5 minute Mekong river trip.

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