Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Moscow Savoy hotel

Its a grand building in a rocco style, the restaurant has an intricate marble floor, ornate mirrored ceiling, huge floor to ceiling windows, elegant French style furniture, gilt chandeliers, a lovely fountain & then teabags are dropped on your table & you have to go & look for some hotwater yourself.

The staff are a disaster with a poor concept of service standards - reception are pleasant but not particularly helpful or knowledgable ie they had no idea what was happening with the Moscow Day celebrations that were happening NOW. The bar was soulless & the barman had next to no English & went out back to chat to his mate & then charged me £10 for a beer.

But breakfast was the worst - staff ignore arriving guests, no smile, no welcome & no suggested seating. They only bring coffee if you can catch their eye and you have to ask & they always seem surprised that you should want some.
The food quality is very low, the cheapest cereal (chocolate drops in the museli), cheap fatty bacon & awful sausages but the scrambled egg slime was the worst commercial scrambled egg ever - I had to spit it out. If you are late there will be little left to select from.
And awful Musak playing in the lifts and the restaurant, more properly suited to Woolworths or an old peoples home.

The best staff were without doubt the cleaners & house maids as everywhere is clean & tidy & they were the only people who acknowledged my presence and offered me smile. My room was spotless and the attractive marble bathroom was always fresh & clean. The room has an attractive wooden floor, high ceiling and large windows, it has an elegant look but somehow its cold & soulless, but maybe that's the pervading ambience of the hotel.

The swimming pool, gym & sauna were excellent, although difficult to find.

So a very strange hotel, & I'm sure it has no connection with the Savoy in London, the best I can say is that its a 5 star building in a great location but run as a 2 star hotel. A complete failure of effective management and staff training.
I'd better mention that I am a professional hotel reviewer so I'm naturally picky but I've a lot of experience to compare this hotel with.

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